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Leopard Aquatic Indonesia

Wichardi William / Wei Ciang


Mr. Wei Ciang is the founder and heart of the company. His endless hard work has made Leopard Aquatic achieved what the company has now. With his leadership and wisdom, he always become the role model for all the staffs. To ensure the quality, until now he still pack the fish by himself in every shipment.

Theo William B.Bus

(Finance and Marketing Manager)

Graduated from RMIT University with Bachelor of Business in Finance and Economic degree, Mr. Theo always become the key when communicating with present and future customers. Speaking 4 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian) and deep understanding about the items, makes him the right person to do the marketing.

Sandra Eka Kusmayanty

(Purchasing Manager)

Mrs. Sandra is the important person that always ready to look for the best items in the market. Her 7 years experiences in the field is the key factor that makes her able to purchase the high quality items.

Yobi Marendra Sidarta

(Quality Control Manager)

Recognized as the reliable person in his field. His skill in treating and medicating fish are no doubt. His high standard of quality is one of the key factors that the company is able to supply high quality of fish continuously.


(Operations Manager)

Mr. Yulius is the key person who make sure that everything run as smooth as the plan. His cheerful personality always "break the ice" and create comfortable working environment for everybody.

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Leopard Aquatic Indonesia, which specialized in export live freshwater tropical fish (Ornamental Fish) especially Wild Caught Fish from Indonesia. Located in the City of Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia.

  • Every fish are sent healthy and high quality as per international standard.
  • Wide variety of species to meet all customers preferences.
  • Orders are delivered to customers punctually to ensure the health of the fish.
  • Our customers will be provided with fast response service anytime.

With 30 years experience in tropical fish industry, we serve our customer with excellent quality fish with staff and personals which have experiences in their branch.

Its quality, size, standard of packing and transportation ensure customer’s satisfaction at all cost. Our experience can guarantee customers for secure and on time delivery. Based on our past experiences we have the highest number of satisfied customers.

We take the greatest care to each specimen in our facilities to meet our customer’s requirements. With a modern facility for stocking purposes, our customers are assured that a large number of species are available in stock & properly quarantined prior to export.

Percentage of our Death On Arrival (DOA) is extremely low, size, quantity is exact and quality is among the best in this industry.

Our prices are very competitive and we have high quality. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed to get our wild caught fishes and you may witness yourself our top quality.

Jl. Pabrik Aci No. 5A
Cimahi 40525 Indonesia

Phone: (+62-22) 6628900
Fax: (+62-22) 6647900
Mobile / WhatsApp: 
+62878 2544 22369