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To ensure that our beloved fish are secure and arrive in perfect condition, our packing bags and boxes are designed specifically and also based on IATA standard (International Air Transport Association)

  • Our plastic bags are made of high quality Polyethylene / PE plastics.
  • Our boxes are thick Styrofoam boxes which will also be covered with cardboard boxes.
  • Since we understand that our customers have different box preferences, we provide 3 dimensions of the box : 
  1. Large box : 75 x 42 x 40cm 8 bags/box 25-27 kgs for the most economic box
  2. Medium box : 75 x 42 x 32cm 6 bags/box 20-22 kgs for the best condition of fish
  3. Small box : 60 x 44 x 31cm 4-5 bags/box 17-18 kgs economic and easy to handle box

*Packaging details all depend on the type of fish and flight time to destination

Jl. Pabrik Aci No. 5A
Cimahi 40525 Indonesia

Phone: (+62-22) 6628900
Fax: (+62-22) 6647900
Mobile / WhatsApp: 
+62878 2542 2369