Welcome to Leopard Aquatic
Specializing in exporting live Tropical Fish from Indonesia.
We supply all kind of freshwater tropical fish
species with a good quality, good size and good price.


High Quality

With 30 years experiences in the business,

we only supply high quality items with the right size and right price

Customer is Family
Here in Leopard Aquatic, we are not only ready to give the best service
but we also treat customer just like our family
and family means nobody left behind
  • Fast Response Our customers deserve the best service for them. Therefore we always provide fast responses anytime anywhere.
  • High Quality Fish With 30 year of experiences, supplying high quality and healthy fish is a must for us. Happy fish, happy customers.
  • Customers Support With strong support given to us by our suppliers and breeders from all parts of Indonesia, we believe that we will be able to give them a better service to our customers.
  • Variety of Species We could supply around 1000 species of fish . So that our customer could choose among the wide variety of species.


Why choosing Leopard Aquatic ?

We are able to give you the most variety of fishes possible only because of the wide network of plasma farmers around us. We have networks of farming, they can breeding quality of fish supply to our company. We source and stock fishes, feed them with good supply of nutrients and water to further improve their health and colour. We have established a network of good farmers, who adopt good farming management practices, providing quality fishes, advice and support.

Over 20 years experience in wild cought fish industry, we serve our customer with excellent quality fish with staff and personals those have experience in their branch.

About Us

Tropical Fish Products

Every fish are sent healthy and colorful as per international standard, Wide variety of species to meet all your customers.

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We can contact each other by telephone or fax or e-mail and if it is possible you could come to our farm to see our products.